My little bit of sanity ...

Chelsea Sullens is the Chief Mama in Charge of the Loud Waterfall empire. She is a Los Angeles-based fine art photographer on a one-woman mission to make art an enjoyable part of our day to day lives.

Things that provide her with inspiration:
-Travel and adventure
-Her two adorable whirling dervishes
-Finding comfort in being outside her comfort zone
-Architecture and the hustle and bustle of new places
-The people you meet along the way

But it's what she does with that inspiration that sets Loud Waterfall Photography apart from the pack. Every image has a story behind it, but she doesn't just stop there. She tells you the stories - and each reads like you've just glimpsed a peek into Talitha Getty's personal journal when she was finding herself in Marrakech in the 60's.

She has a way of capturing the little details that would otherwise pass us by and making you feel like you are right there with her, smelling the luscious dahlias at the farmer's market. If this talent for magic-making is evident in her prints, it literally reaches out and grabs you in her range of lifestyle products.

With every item Loud Waterfall Photography sells, a portion is donated to Nothing But Nets to help eradicate malaria. Because. Malaria sucks. Chelsea knows first hand.

I am honored that you would want me to create something just for you. A few notes on the process / details of custom orders:
-If you want my images as is, with possibly a different crop or minor edit, there is no charge.
-If you want to customize my image with an idea you have (specific quote and such), there is a 20% charge for the time and care it takes to create your custom piece.
-If you want something from scratch (i.e. your image, your wording, my edits), there is a 30% charge for the time and care it takes to create your custom piece.
-I will provide you with several proofs for your approval, upon approval, I will create a listing for your custom image.

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